Datapalooza: Machine Learning Workshop and Smart Life Roadshow Airstream from AWS and Intel

OIT/ART and PACE are facilitating a workshop with AWS and Intel on September 18, which will focus on convergence of Machine Learning and Internet of Things.  During this workshop students and researchers will have an opportunity to develop a Crowd Emotion Tracking application while leveraging the AWS DeepLens to run Rekognition model at the edge.  Plus, the attendees will have an opportunity to see the Smart Life Roadshow that will provide the latest advancements in the smart technologies.

Date: September 18, 2018, 10am - 4pm

Location: Global Learning Center, Auditorium 222


DataPalooza a music festival themed ML + IoT workshop focuses on building a Crowd Emotion Tracking Application that improves the music festival experiences.  This workshop will provide attendees hands on experience in building machine learning and deep learning models.

Workshop Agenda:

  • 10:00 - Introduction: Overview of DataPalooza: A music festival themed ML + IoT Workshop on building a Crowd Emotion Tracking Application 
  • 10:15 - Machine Learning Overview: ML at the edge and in the cloud
  • 11:00 - Hands-on lab 1: Capturing the festival vibe: Create and deploy a face recognition project at the edge with AWS DeepLens 
  • 12:00 – Lunch (Student Networking)
  • 1:00 - Hands-on lab 2: Is the crowd having fun?: Build a deep learning model to identify and analyze the sentiments of your festival audience with Amazon SageMaker and  Amazon Rekognition
  • 2:00 - Break
  • 2:15  - Hands-on Lab 2 (Continued)
  • 3:30  - Close: closing remarks and Q&A
  • 4:00 – END

The Smart Life Roadshow introduces attendees to the newest and most unique advancements in smart, voice-enabled tech powered by Alexa, AWS, Intel, Schlage, Sonos, and other innovative partners.  The Roadshow features the world’s smartest airstream which will be loaded with Alexa-enabled smart tech for your office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and life!  The Roadshow tours the country to exhibit the seamless power of Alexa voice control, educate about advancements in AI, and it will be coming to Georgia Tech’s Global Learning Center on September 18, 10am - 4pm!

Event Details


  • Tuesday, September 18, 2018 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Global Learning Center, Room 222

For More Information Contact

Organizer: Academic Research and Technologies (ART) and Partnership for an Advanced Computing Environment (PACE)


  • Semir Sarajlic,
  • Fang (Cherry) Liu,
  • Victor Bolet,